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June 20, 2018 2 min read

The Zhik Connection

After a first day full of information, the Zhik Americas team had us in for a dinner with members of the Dong Feng and Azko Nobel teams, which gave us a chance to meet great folks like Jean-Seb Chenier-Proteau, Dong Feng Operations Manager, and their skipper Charles Caudrelier. We chatted into the evening about their 8 months experience around the globe, and of course, their take on Zhik gear they used so far.

Live development on the VOR

The next morning we had a beautiful surprise as Simeon Tienpont, skipper of Akzo Nobel and former America’s Cup winner, gave us a Q & A on how working with Zhik made total sense, and how both the Zhik dev team managed to create, improve products during the race, making the VOR a live lab resulting on new products added to the 2019 collection, and upgrades to existing Ocean Racing gear (Isotak X among other).



Visiting the Dong Feng Race Team

In the afternoon, Jean Seb , manager of the Dong Feng team had organized a tour on the boat, coupled with a visit of their headquarters.

Dong Feng race team Headquarters

At 5pm, we all met with Jean-Seb in front of Dong Feng headquarters at Fort-Adams. Getting to the boats involved some red tape processing, but after a few minutes we were able to access the boats dock, and start a visit aboard Dong Feng.

Volvo Ocean Race boat docks @Newport

The VOR 60 is a probably the ultimate one-design performer, with every boat receiving the exact same kits and teams pushing their boats beyond boundaries, as the coverage allowed us to discover along those 8 months of racing. But what strikes you when you get onbard is a well thought deck, coupled with a total absence of comfort for the crews. This is barebone sailing, little or no protection, making their journey comparable to Everest expeditions repeating. Hence, the importance of good sailing gear to keep you dry, warm, ventilated as long as possible, all the while providing maximum motion range.


Dong Feng cockpit

Inside Dong Feng

Dong Feng VOR 60 side view

After leaving the boat, Jean-Seb gave Team Lukkaiiri a private peak into their Operational Headquarters, mobile structures that the Volvo Ocean Race organization sets up at each stage.

It all ended up with their traditional pre-start Thursday party with all the teams and special guests like the Harken brothers. 

Volvo Ocean race Pre Start Party


It was then time for farewell to the Zhik family and to those sailors who would soon cross the Atlantic for the last 3 legs of the race, Cardiff, Gotheborg and The Hague.

We left Newport the next morning, a rainy day that didn’t take anything away from the awing view of Newport, a city full of marine tradition, with ancient houses, green garden and flowery trees.

As ocean lovers and island dwellers, we felt humbled and excited at the idea of sharing our ventures, with the immediate desire to come back in the future years, and Newport, RI a fixture in our annual schedule.