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February 19, 2018 1 min read

Sailing made its revolution. So have consumption modes. 

But the Caribbean Region suffers from island isolation, and for all the wrong reasons, has limited access to niche products and services.

With this in mind we listened to the pains and problems island customers were facing in order to draft a business model that would just work.

The promise has to be quality products and services, availability coupled with streamlined delivery.

Offering an online store is the first step. But we want to let people see and try the products, so the second step is to bring the lukkaiiri team (“men of the islands”) to meet customers across the archipelago: sailing events,  pop-up shows, demos will be opportunities to discover our products and services before buyng them online, on the spot or at a later date. 

Behind the scene, our centralized fulfillment process, will allow for competitive shipping prices all the while avoiding sketchy deliveries.

Last but not least, our trips will be a unique opportunity to discover new people, relinking these beautiful islands, each with unique and yet common cultural background.

Our blog will echoe the tales of our new “Ballad of the Salt Sea” reffering here Corto Maltese whose wandering across the Tropics have a special place in our collective imaginary.