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February 19, 2018 1 min read

Today’s our big day. Our team is all set for a thrilling season to come. We are beyond excited to sail and race on various (exciting) supports and waters to carry our Guadeloupean projects, on to conquer the Seven Seas. 

After months of preparation, the uncertainty left by cyclones Irma and Maria, we have finally reached D-day for the official launch of the website.

Other than our preferred communication platform, it is also :

  • your dedicated contact point, the place to find out about what we have been up to, about the team and about all of the causes and topics that we are passionate about,
  • the retail point for services and products that will help you sail effortlessly,
  • a window on our beautiful region and the full-fledged (human) warmth that awaits you here.

Follow us on social media to get an instant picture of our moods and whereabouts — not to mention staying posted on our deals. Feel free to spread the word to help our community grow and ensure that the butterfly-island’s wingbeat may one day turn into one big swell taking over island after island.

Many thanks and fair winds to all!

Team lukkaiiri