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February 19, 2019 1 min read

The WASZP enters its third season with a few bangs:
Boat n° 700 came out of the line in November of 2018, a testament to the incredible worldwide success.
The second WASZP Games took place in Perth, Australia in perfect wind conditions, showcasing the progress the fleet has accomplished since the first edition in Garda.

After a few months of successful testing, a bigger foil (22cm) will replace the existing one, increasing the foiling range and overall boat performance.Results are amazing with increased VMG upwind and downwind. Top-speeds are not being sacrificed for the larger foil all the while much more forgiving on manoeuvres, which will most certainly increase boat adoption.

new bigger waszp foil

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Now is a perfect time to make the switch and put a smile on your face, like surfers facing sunset after a great session.
Discover a brand new way of sailing and a vibrant community that shares the fun of pushing boundaries with every outing.
Want to find out more about the WASZP? Get in touch with us: we will set you up.

Waszp Game Finally  @Drew Malcom

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