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July 31, 2018 1 min read

Living the island life implies blurry lines between air, land, and ocean:
  • With the tradewinds regime, you’re only minutes away from an unexpected shower 
  • Hop on a boat, and you need grip and protection
  • Walk on the shoreline, and you may get caught by a wave or you need to help someone haul their Saintoise (traditional Guadeloupean boat)
  • Coral is sharp, and your feet need protection when you cross those pounds.
ZKG’s shoe line by Zhik is the perfect answer to that as the first "Street & Sea" amphibious footwear that lets you live your Island Life in style.

Get them here , and to reward you from reading this, get a discount using the STREET&SEA code at checkout (updated: valid until 08/15/2018).