COVID-19 update: We are fully operational and ship all over the world, mapping our fulfillment to existing carrier services.


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COVID-19 : Weathering the storm

This worldwide pandemia has taken us by storm, affecting every aspect of our lives. Our team at LUKKAIIRI got confined across three continents, but managed to continue fulfilling our clients, thanks to our warehouse services @palletized in Doral who have been working the extra mile, all the while keeping everyone safe with strong sanitary preventive measures that allowed them stay open. Thanks to the best crew in South Florida, we still ship within two business days with extra safety measures 😷 to keep them and you safe. But we are nevertheless depending on what our carriers still offer, so 2nd Day may not work very well for the time being 😰.

While better days are ahead, and the same goals (new line, magazine, and better support), we realize that everyone is concerned how the future will shape our lives.

With this in mind, we take a deep breath and ask you, our loyal and future customers, readers and lukkaiiri tribe members to help us shape our future by taking part to our surveys. We will pick your brain over the next few months to make your lukkaiiri experience unique.

Thank you for business

Stay safe, cherish the loved ones,  and be good to Mother Nature!


Patrick Stainier